November 15th, 2006

SG1 - Jack & the Gate

"Order of the Stick- Vaarsuvious Gauntlet"

I have a pretty funny story about the making of my "Order of the Stick-Vaarsuvious Gauntlet" LOL

I was hanging out with my DH and his gamer buddies. They were originally playing Heroscape and I was crocheting on a test pattern, but, of course, I alway bring extra yarn stuff with me whenever I go out somewhere and I think that I can get some crochet time in.

Well, when they finished playing Heroscape, they brought out a game called "The Order of the Stick". The game is based on an online comic of the same name and it is kind of a D&D spoof. You "build" a dungon with cards and there are monster cards and character cards, etc...

So, anyway, they guys asked if I wanted to play and I said yes. (I was the only chic with 5 guys LOL) I was stuck sitting with the doorwall at my back and my hands were getting cold, so I brought my crochet over to the table to crochet while I played (these guys are used to me crocheting while I play games with them LOL). I didn't want to do something that I had to concentrate on a written pattern, so I finished the arm on the baby saque for the shower next week, then I decided to make this "gauntlet".

I used the remenants of the yarn from the knotted cables sweaters, but I ended up making this longer than I originally planned and now I don't have enough for my left hand LOL

I wrote notes on how I made this, so I hope that I can reproduce it!

Oh, and, btw, I won the game!!!