November 1st, 2006

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Skull & Crossbone mini-tote for my daughter

Well, after I made my ghost purse, my daughter begged me to make her one, so instead of a ghost I made her one with a skull & crossbones on it...kinda with a twist...

The skull is on the front and the crossbones are on the back, then I made a white and black flower pin for her and she pinned it to the skull.

She absolutely loves it and she used it for her "trick or treat" tote.

The pattern for it is actually a combination of patterns. The handle is a variation of Lea's (minwifeof4boys) tote handle, except that I did decreases on both top corners while working the handle to round it out more, the skull graph is from the SNB HH "Skullholder" (potholder) pattern and the crossbones are derived from the SNB HH Jolly Roger Sweater, but I had to rework the crossbones. I had to make the math match the skull side and the original pattern was done in half doubles and I did it all in single. I also made sides and a bottom for it, but I did those in half doubles.

I really want to get a picture of her holding the tote for a better idea on the size of it. I will most likely get it up tomarrow, tonite was just to hectic to get her to pose for me LOL

Mod - Crochet by Midknight

Loopy Petals Daisy ~Free pattern


Small amount of any size yarn or thread using the appropriate hook size for the weight of the yarn or thread being used

Note: Daisy in photo was made with Red Heart Sport with a 3.75mm hook

yarn (tapestry) needle
Any kind of accessory to attach it to, ex: pinback, hair clip, hair tie, etc.
fabric glue or matching thread and needle depend on what the Daisy will be attached to

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