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"Yikes Stripes" Cap (aka Keely's cap)~ Free Pattern 
4th-Feb-2008 11:05 pm
Keely's Cap

Rating: Intermediate

Tahki Cotton Classic in 2 colours (Colours A & B)
3.75mm hook or as needed for gauge

(ETA: If a different size cap is needed, adjust hook size to make cap bigger or smaller, ie: gauge for X-SM = 7dc per inch with 2.50mm hook, SM (what my daughter is wearing in photo)= 6dc per inch with 3.25mm hook.

Pattern is written using a 3.37mm hook with 5 dc per inch gauge.
I didn't think about putting that on the .pdf)


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This patterns has not been tested.
Please let me know of any mistakes by comment in this post.
Thank you

*This is my original design. This pattern is for personal use only.
Please do not reproduce pattern to claim as your own, sell this pattern or post on other sites. A link back to this Livejournal is permitted*

*copyright Jennifer Christensen*
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