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29th-Nov-2015 10:48 pm - Tis the Season December Sale!
misc- Crochet...therefore I am
Sale on Now thru the End of 2015!

Starting on December 1st 12am EST all of my paid patterns will be 25% off
through December 31st 11:59pm EST 2015.

The sale is only good Here, at my WordPress, or at my Ravelry Store.

The Patterns included in the sale are:

  • Daughter of Dragons Shrug

  • Dragon Scale Shrug

  • Dragon Scale Shrug Plus Sizes

  • Faerie Magic

  • Isabeau Choker

  • Lapis Dragon Skin Pouch

20th-Oct-2015 12:01 am - Faerie Magic ~Pattern for Purchase
misc- The Last Unicorn
Faerie Magic 4x h

I saw the Red Heart Boutique Magical yarn and knew I had to do something with it, and this is what happened.

I had planned on making just a simple cowl, but it turned in something much more versatile than I could have imagined. It’s very quick and easy to make and can be worn 4 different ways:

  • As a Cowl

  • As a Poncho

  • As a Hood

  • or over a pair of leggings as a Skirt!

Easy/Early Intermediate


  • Small (approx. 40in. circ.)

  • Medium (approx. 43in. circ.)

  • Large (approx. 46in. circ.)

(Measurements are an approximate length of the foundation single crochet before joining for neck opening/waist, the stitch pattern is stretchy and will make it a bit wider for the body of the piece)


  • 6.50mm hook

  • Red Heart Boutique Magical, 2, (3, 3) skeins in Crystal Ball

  • 50in. or more cording, or 6 times desired length + 3in. or 4in. of yarn for Braided Drawstring Tie

4dc, 2ch, 1sc and 3 rows = approx. 2 inches in Fairy Shell stitch pattern


Ravel This

11th-Oct-2015 07:27 pm - Knitsy Magazine Issue #25
misc- Crochet- The Mad Hooker

I have my very first published pattern! I was contacted by the editor of Knitsy Magazine last month asking to feature my Dragon Scale Head Kerchief, which started out as a WordPress Exclusive Pattern, in the next issue of their magazine and here it is ready for download! You can read the issue online and download individual patterns, or download the entire issue onto your iPhone!

You can see it here online: Knitsy Issue #25 at mycraftacademy

or here at the App Store: Knitsy App

Knitsy Issue #25
2015-09-29 10.46.24

Dragon Scale Head Kerchief
misc- Crochet- The Mad Hooker


Difficulty Level:
Advanced Intermediate/Experienced

(Must have knowledge of how to work around the post of a stitch. Previous knowledge of the Crocodile Stitch is helpful, but there are many tutorials online to learn the basics of the stitch pattern.)

Back – small-15” (medium-16”, large-17”) Measured from shoulder to shoulder over the shoulder blades. Length is customized by the armhole measurement of the finished sleeve.
Sleeves – small-7” (medium-8”, large-9”) Wrist Circumference, at the least 1” larger than actual wrist measurement. Length is customizable

Patons Lace Sachet (2/Fine yarn), between approx 2,000yds to 3,500yds
3.25 mm hook or size for gauge
Stitch markers (split ring or locking type)

Optional for embellishment:
Charms, Beads, Sequins
Length of jewelry chain double or more the length of the back and/or sleeves
Jump rings (the split kind), needle and thread
Jewelry pliers, or small needle nose pliers to work the jump rings

25 Page Pattern includes:

  • Customizable sleeve length

  • “Mix and Match” your sleeve size with your back size

  • Crocodile Stitch pattern

  • Stitch Pattern Guide & Reference photos

  • All crochet stitches are in US Terminology


The matching Dragon Scale Head Kerchief shown in the photos with the shrug is a Free Pattern. Download it on by Midknight Designs on WordPress.

4th-May-2015 06:26 pm - Winter into Summer Hat?
misc- Crochet- The Mad Hooker
I'm starting to get excited about this hat pattern I'm working on. I've been trying 4 different weights of yarn, 3 in cotton, 1 acrylic, for this hat that would be good for Spring, Summer, and Fall, then I thought why not try a wool blend for Winter? I think I might even have a skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease in worsted to use. One basic pattern, 4-5 different weight hats. With custom sizing, it could be for child through adult. Even though I think it would be a fairly simple pattern, there will be needed the basic knowledge of how to increase evenly working in the round for a flat circle, because even though I will have the first few rounds written out with where to place the increases, it will be up to the crocheter to continue the increases until the desired measurement is reached. There will be math involved also. I will have the equation where the crocheter will insert the desired head circumference to get the diameter needed before the decrease round is made, along with an example of how I got it for my small head. This will be a very slouchy hat, so it may seem huge at first, but it should turn out to be the correct size in the end.

The idea that is the Winter one will, of course, be heavier and warmer with the wool blend. Then the Summer one would be kind of lacy mesh-like, and a little bit snood-like, in a size 5 thread like Bernat Handicrafter Crochet Thread, weight category 0 lace acrylic thread, or any size 5 cotton thread, but it seems there is a lack of size 5 cotton crochet thread on the internet. I have a ball of Aunt Lydia's Fast Five cotton crochet thread in my stash, but it seems to have been discontinued. I think size 10 cotton thread would be too fine of a thread for this project. The Bernat Handicrafter size 5 thread surprised me that it is an acrylic thread, because it has the look and feel of mercerized cotton, in my opinion. The nice thing is that it's fully machine washable and dryable, unlike cotton thread. The lacy mesh-like-ness of the Summer hat would be nice, light, and breezy, and you could tuck long hair up into it like you would with a snood. Then there would be for Spring and Fall, maybe 2 different ones, like one for early-mid Spring/mid-late Fall when the weather is still on the cool side, but not as cold anymore/starting to get cooler/colder, but still on the, using a cotton, like Patons Grace which is a weight category 3 light cotton yarn, to mid-late Spring/early-mid Fall when it's warming up/cooling down but still kinda on the warmish side, using a cotton, like Aunt Lydia's Baker's Cotton or Aunt Lydia's Fashion 3, which are both a weight category 1 super fine cotton thread, in which the stitches would be slightly mesh-like due to using a hook that is about 5 or 6x's larger than the recommended hook on the label, but still heavier than the Summer version. The Baker's Cotton does seem to be just slightly heavier than the Fashion 3 though, but once I have hats made from both, I'll be able to assess that better. I also think the neat part of this hat idea, no matter what season, not just Summer, is that it would be a good "bad hair day" hat. With the slouchiness of the main body and the fit of the band, you can tuck long hair inside of hat, just like you would do with a snood. My original hat that I made about 8 years ago, when I had very long hair, using the now discontinued yarn, Bernat Cool Crochet, I would tuck my hair up into it often. So, yeah, I've put a lot of though into the making of this hat.

Even though I will be writing the pattern with the ch3 at the beginning of each round to act as the first dc of each round, I highly recommend trying out the Chainless Starting Double Crochet to replace the ch3. Moogly has a great tutorial for this stitch that includes both video and pictures along with the written instructions. It took me some practice to master this stitch, but it is so worth it! It has changed my crochet life! The beautiful thing about this stitch when working double crochet in the round is that it makes the "seam", where you start/end the rounds, practically invisible. I highly recommend this stitch for any project made using double crochet! Working flat? No more holes at the beginning of a double crochet row that you would normally get with beginning the row with a ch3. It is totally worth learning!

No photos until I get them all finished though :D

(originally posted at by Midknight Designs on WordPress)
misc- The Last Unicorn

Difficulty Level:

  • Advanced Intermediate


  • 7” (8”) wrist circumference


  • Patons Lace Sachet (2/Fine yarn), 1 ball

  • 3.25 mm hook or size for gauge

  • Stitch markers (split ring or locking type)

  • Thin elastic (optional)

Ravel This

This pattern has not been tested, if any errors are found, please let me know so I can fix it.
Thank you

*This is my original design. This pattern is for personal use only. Please do not reproduce pattern to claim as your own, sell this pattern or post on other sites, a link back to this LIveJournal page is allowed*

*copyright Jennifer Christensen 2014*

misc- Crochet...therefore I am

Photo Dec 03, 2 19 16 PM

Difficulty Level:

  • easy


  • Custom - Child thru Adult


  • Lion Brand Landscapes (Aran) - 1 ball

  • 5.00mm hook


  • Snug fitting wristwarmers customize to fit anyone child thru adult

  • Easy to memorize stitch pattern

  • Can be made to any length desired - short or long

  • Can be made with any yarn with appropriate size hook

download now

Ravel This

This pattern has not been tested, if any errors are found, please let me know so I can fix it.
Thank you

*This is my original design. This pattern is for personal use only. Please do not reproduce pattern to claim as your own, sell this pattern or post on other sites, a link back to this LiveJournal page is allowed*

*copyright Jennifer Christensen 2014*

18th-Apr-2015 12:37 pm - Summer Bows Hat ~Free Pattern
Mod - Crochet by Midknight
Photo Apr 13, 4 14 55 PM

I am guessing on the yardage, because I was using a cone of cotton worsted that I had in my stash and I have no idea how many yards I used.

This pattern uses the Adjustable Magic Ring. If you are new to the technique, I do include a link to a good tutorial on the pattern.

With the cotton yarn, I recommend blocking the hat when finished for a good fit and so the brim doesn’t curl upward. Its supposed to be floppy.


  • Easy/Intermediate


  • One Size (women's small/medium)


  • Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton - 2-3 balls in Natural

  • 5.00mm Hook


  • 7st & 4 rows in Double Crochet = 2 inches

download now

Ravel This


This pattern has not been tested, if any errors are found, please let me know so I can fix it.
Thank you

*This is my original design. This pattern is for personal use only. Please do not reproduce pattern to claim as your own, sell this pattern or post on other sites, a link back to this LiveJournal page is allowed*

*copyright Jennifer Christensen 2015*

17th-Apr-2015 07:29 pm - Tutorials & "How To's"
Mod - Crochet by Midknight
On this page, I will be sharing links to Tutorials done by myself, and found around the Web that I find helpful. If you know of any good Tutorials, for Crochet or Knit, that you would like to see on this page, please leave a link in the comments and I will add them. If there is something you'd like me to do a tutorial on, please contact me.

List and Links under the cutCollapse )
16th-Apr-2015 01:29 am - Hooded Dragon Armor Shrug
Mod - Crochet by Midknight
About the Hooded Shrug I have featured in the header of this journal, I though I would share what I originally posted about it in my WordPress. If you are interested in a similar shrug, I do have a pattern for sale. It's a standard shrug done completely in the crocodile stitch, no hood, without frontpanels, but with a tie. You can find it HERE for purchase.

Originally Posted on WordPress on December 27, 2014

It's finished! I still would like a different name for it instead of Hooded Dragon Scale Shrug though. My daughter called it Dragon Hunter, but we shall see.

I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. For awhile after I finished it, I felt that it was missing something, like some kind of edging along the bottom of the front panels, but after wearing it on Christmas, I now think it's just fine the way it is.

The majority of the make up is in the Crocodile stitch, but I also used the Fairy Shell stitch, the same stitch I used for my Faerie Blossom wristwarmers, from the book "Crochet Stitches Visual™ Encyclopedia", for the front panels and the hood.

For the closure I used a pin that I had that I thought looked cute on it. My daughter had an idea for a jewel closure, by taking a gemstone or a plastic/glass faceted jewel and attaching it to a pin backing. I really like that idea, because I can make a few pins of different colored jewels for a changing splash of color when I wear it. Before That, I was having trouble deciding what I wanted to do for a closure. I thought about buttons or snaps, but I like the pin idea better.

About writing this up in a written pattern format, I've been waffling on the idea. I realized after it was finishing that It's not something that I could easily translate into other sizes. I, myself, am a very small framed individual and this is custom made to fit me. If my daughter wanted to wear it, I doubt she'd be able to get her hands through the sleeves, because I made it so the forearms between the cuff and the first increase before my elbow is a snug fit and I even have to squeeze my hands through that part, and I have very small hands.

If I do write this, it would definitely be a pattern for the experienced stitcher. I would only give the starting stitches for the cuffs on the sleeves and the beginning of the hood, but everything else, all measurements, from the width/length of the back and front, the length of the sleeves, even when to start the increases and how many increases to make for the sleeves, would be left to the individual crocheter. This would definitely be a project made to fit the individual it's being made for. Of course, I would have the stitch patterns and finishing all written out and a stitch gauge to get started. It also definitely would not be a free pattern.

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