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Even though this site is still open, I will not be updating it any longer as I have moved to midknightfibers
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4th-Mar-2013 11:36 pm - Update
I know I haven't posted here in, well, a very long time. I am posting today because I am moving, $15 is just a bit much for a simple name change imo, but I'm sure there isn't anything simple about it for the web designers of LJ and I'm just a broke SaHM.

I'm moving because I feel I need a fresh start and I now also knit and want to have both together and with this LiveJournal being dedicated to crochet It didn't feel right to include my knitting.

I am leaving this Journal open still because some of my free patterns here have been linked to other crochet sites across the web, but I will also be moving my patters to my new Journal.

Feel free to Watch midknightfibers. I should be updating and putting up a custom layout over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you to all of my LJ watchers and all of the visitors for all of your support.

Jennifer Christensen
17th-Jul-2011 05:24 pm - Pattern for Purchase!
Check it out!


  • Gauge is not too important. Size is determined by the length of the ribbon.
  • Intermediate pattern because of some of the cluster stitches used in row 6.
  • Size 10 crochet cotton
  • 1.80mm steel crochet hook
  • Optional: glass seed beads and pendant.

Buy Here
4th-Jun-2011 02:46 pm - New pattern in the works!
I'm excited about this! I am working on a summer shawl! Done all in size 10 crochet cotton with a size 1 steel hook. When it's done, I will need a couple of testers for it before I put it up for sale. If anyone's interested please leave me a comment, I would greatly appreciate the help :)


Bernat Softee Baby Chiffon Print or any other 3/Light weight yarn
14 inches of 1/4” elastic, ends sewn together to make a circle.
30 inches of 1/8” ribbon G/6-4.25mm
hook or size needed for gauge
G/6-4.25mm hook or size needed for gauge
H/8-5.00mm hook or size needed for gauge
2 Stitch markers (locking or split ring) Tapestry needle

G hook: in sc, 10 sc = 2 inches.
H hook: in patt stitch, 3 clusters = 2 inches


Ravel This

download now

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28th-May-2011 08:50 pm - Long time, no update
I haven't been purposely ignoring this journal, just so much going on right now.

I plan on doing some clean-up here very soon and I will be making ALL of my free patterns as .PDF downloads, hoping to make it easier for everyone. I also plan on cleaning out posts that are now irrelevant and some tag clean-up too. Who knows, I might even make a new layout if the mood strikes me :)
17th-Feb-2011 12:19 am - I AM BACK!
It has been a not fun 6 months without a computer. we got our income tax in and now I have a shiny new laptop! I hopefully will be posting new projects and patterns in the near future *bouncy happy dance*
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